Anpet Jovem



ANPET Jovem is an academic group that works together with the National Association of Research and Teaching in Transportation (ANPET). This group has the proposal to stimulate the integration of Undergraduate students in Transport Engineering and related, as well as to seek to increase the dissemination of technological and scientific production in the area of transport in national and international scope.

For this, it counts on representatives of Universities that have undergraduate courses with this profile. One of the main responsibilities of the representatives is the development of activities aimed at undergraduate students within the Congress of Research and Teaching in Transportation of ANPET.

The Federal University of Goiás is one of the universities present at ANPET Jovem, through its students and teachers.


Representatives of UFG:

  • Breno Fernandes dos Santos
  • Daniele Sousa de Almeida
  • Lucas Valadares de Freitas
  • Mateus Silva das Neves


Guidance: Prof. Dr. Willer Luciano Carvalho